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X96 TV Box

X98K Android 13 Rockchip RK3528 Quad Core TV box

X98K Android 13 Rockchip RK3528 Quad Core TV box

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The X98K is a promising Android TV Box powered by the Rockchip RK3528 processor and running on Android 13. Here's a breakdown of its key features:


  • Rockchip RK3528: This quad-core processor is designed for smooth 4K video playback and general usage. It's known for its energy efficiency and performance, making it suitable for streaming, gaming, and other multimedia tasks.

Operating System:

  • Android 13: Benefits from the latest Android features, including improved security, performance, and user interface enhancements. This ensures a modern and smooth user experience.

Video Playback:

  • 4K Resolution: Supports 4K video playback, delivering crisp and detailed visuals for your favorite movies, shows, and games.


  • WiFi: Likely includes Wi-Fi connectivity for wireless internet access. The specific standard (Wi-Fi 5 or 6) may vary, so check the product specifications.
  • Other Connectivity: Likely includes HDMI output for connecting to your TV, USB ports for external storage, and potentially an Ethernet port for a wired connection.

Additional Features:

  • Bluetooth: support Bluetooth connectivity for connecting wireless headphones, keyboards, or mice.
  • Voice Control: support voice control 


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