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amlogic rockchip allwinner android linux tv box solution

Linux tv box: Ubuntu20.04 / Linux5.15 / Debian / CoreELEC / OpenWrt

Customize Android TV Box Support Linux and Android Dual Boot OS for Cloud Print/Cloud Server, based on ARM 64.

Customization: Customized logo: Customized packaging/ Software Customization/ Graphic customization/ etc.

android linux dual boot tv box
  • RK3566

    TV box, media players, digital signage player

  • Amlogic S905W

    Debian10/ Debian11 (Linux5.15/ 6.1) lxde / xfce4

  • Amlogic S922X

    lubuntu / xubuntu / lxde / xfce4

  • Amlogic S905X3

    lubuntu / xubuntu / lxde / xfce4

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OEM& ODM Service

OEM solutions may include various hardware or/and software services based on our current projects and brand new ideas based on ARM technologies

  • PCBA Design
  • Tooling and Housing Design
  • Logo Prining on housing ,Remote Control
  • Customize Package: customized user manual ,gift box ,quik guide
  • SoftwareCustomlization:Booting image ,UI ,App ,Function and so on
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  • Optional Hardware Configuration:Chipset / Memory/ Storage/ Wifi/ BT
  • SDK Secondary Development:Customer can compile sensitive requirement by themselves
  • App Customization:Easy to realized customer's customized requirement
  • Safe, Fast and Low-Cost TMS Customiztion:Remote Terminal Managemnet System (Firmware Upgrade OTA, Uninstall/ install APK, Real time advertising
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What we offer for Linux TV box based chips

We have developed a prototype of a set-top box, tested and modified its software supplied by Amlogic. You can use it as your a ready-made hardware and software solution for your STB product line.
Also, our engineering team can help you with other engineering tasks with Amlogic chips:

1. Custom hardware design and fast prototyping on development kits

2. Development of application-level software, business logic, and UI/UX design:
 ✓ Custom Android launchers and services to access
 ✓ system/hardware resources Native and cross-platform Android apps
 ✓ Web- and Qt-based apps Third-party software integration: CAS/DRM libraries, DVB stack, etc.
 ✓ Player implementation: HLS, MPEG-DASH, Multicast

3. Development and porting of the Embedded Linux (Buildroot) & Android (AOSP) internals:
 ✓ SDK size and build time optimization
 ✓ Secure boot and boot time optimization
 ✓ Custom software update and recovery services
 ✓ Storage subsystem
 ✓ Drivers for peripheral devices
 ✓ Energy-saving algorithms and power control
 ✓ Remote controls integrations
 ✓ OPS device support