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amlogic rockchip allwinner android linux tv box solution

Linux tv box: Ubuntu20.04 / Linux5.15 / Debian / CoreELEC / OpenWrt

Customize Android TV Box Support Linux and Android Dual Boot OS for Cloud Print/Cloud Server, based on ARM 64.

Customization: Customized logo: Customized packaging/ Software Customization/ Graphic customization/ etc.

4G LTE Sim Port Android/Linux Tv Box
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4G LTE Sim Port Android/Linux Tv Box
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    Linux tv box Ubuntu20.04  Linux5.15
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    ТВ-бокс X96 Linux Ubuntu20.04 / Linux5.15
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      LINUX TV BOX Debian10(Linux4.19)
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      Linux tv box Debian 10(Linux 4.19)-Rockchip RK3566
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        Коробочное решение Linux
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          Linux tv box Ubuntu20.04 / Linux5.15
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          ТВ-бокс X96 Linux Ubuntu20.04 / Linux5.15
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            What we offer for Linux tv box based chips

            We have developed a prototype of a set-top box, tested and modified its software supplied by Amlogic. You can use it as your a ready-made hardware and software solution for your STB product line.
            Also, our engineering team can help you with other engineering tasks with Amlogic chips:

            1. Custom hardware design and fast prototyping on development kits

            2. Development of application-level software, business logic, and UI/UX design:
             ✓ Custom Android launchers and services to access
             ✓ system/hardware resources Native and cross-platform Android apps
             ✓ Web- and Qt-based apps Third-party software integration: CAS/DRM libraries, DVB stack, etc.
             ✓ Player implementation: HLS, MPEG-DASH, Multicast

            3. Development and porting of the Embedded Linux (Buildroot) & Android (AOSP) internals:
             ✓ SDK size and build time optimization
             ✓ Secure boot and boot time optimization
             ✓ Custom software update and recovery services
             ✓ Storage subsystem
             ✓ Drivers for peripheral devices
             ✓ Energy-saving algorithms and power control
             ✓ Remote controls integrations
             ✓ OPS device support

            Custom Linux TV Box FAQ

            Can I print my own logo on your X96 TV Box?

            Yes. OEM&ODM orders are warmly welcome. Our professional technical team is waiting for serving you at any time. If you want to make a tv box, and print on your own brand, let's start our cooperation now!

            Amedia OEM/ODM One-stop Design service includes:
            Customized Product Appearance, Brand Logo Design, Packaging, Manual, Software (Booting Logo, Modifications).

            We accept Alibaba Trade Assurance, Bank transfer, Western Union, PayPal, etc. According to the order amount.

            First of all, you need to contact us at the first time and describe the problem of product, our engineers will help you to deal with it; If the problem cannot be solved in your local? As your most sincere partner, we will definitely give you a satisfactory solution.

            Just contact us now to get the customized TV boxes, where we will provide complete white labeling solutions.

            We will make the shipment within 24 hours after your order is confirmed if it is standard order; If it is customization order, the lead time depends on your exact requirements of hardware and firmware.

            12 Months.

             > Boot Logo
               > Boot Animation
               > Pre-install apps
               > Ul launcher customize
               > Settings customize
               > OTA update
               > Rotate screen
               > Logo on TV Box
               > Packaging Customize
               > Sticker Label Customize
               > User Manual Customize
               > Accessories Customize
               > Case Color Customize
               > Case Outlook Design
               > PCBA Customize