☀Focus on OEM/ODM Service

● Customize one-stop product solutions according to customer needs.

● From the basic building blocks of an Android device to the more complicated, advanced OS features we'll support you. We offer a solution that helps you deliver a high-quality product to the users while ensuring a complete brand awareness factor in every product.

  Android OS Customization

   > Boot Logo
   > Boot Animation
   > Pre-install apps
   > Ul launcher customize
   > Settings customize
   > OTA update
   > Rotate screen

◑ Upload Logo ◐

  Hardware Customization

   > Logo on TV Box
   > Packaging Customize
   > Sticker Label Customize
   > User Manual Customize
   > Accessories Customize
   > Case Color Customize
   > Case Outlook Design
   > PCBA Customize

◑ Create your packaging ◐

◉Hardware solution

    We has over 13 years of deep domain expertise in development board areas. Our in-house SMT assembly enable fast turn of custom hardware, shortening design cycles. Engage our services to accelerate development, reduce risk and achieve exacting quality in end-application hardware.
    In addition to our off-the-shelf solutions, we offer options for customized versions of our products, or even custom-built devices for your specific requirements. Such as: Edge AI Box, Smart Box, AI Hardware Platform, Intelligent Motherboard, ARM Core Board, OTT, OTT+GPON, Projector + Streaming Player, Digital Signage, etc.

Amlogic  A311D2/S922X/S928X RockchipRK3588

◉Firmware solution

    We have over 13 years of experience in developing solutions with custom Linux and Android for various types of hardware.
    ● Android OS: Our engineers can help you outsource an embedded Android part, connect third-party devices, and allow you to use Android in full by enabling in-depth control over apps, "root"-like access to system resources, automation tools for device deployment, and other possibilities.
    ● Linux OS: We provide professional services, including the full range of ports, customizations, and custom Linux distributions (e.g., custom Ubuntu-based, custom Fedora-based, customized Arch Linux-based, etc.), to pick the flavor and configuration that works best for you and your business.